October 16, 2008


Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about our engagement photos.  We're really excited about them, and we know that they are not your "typical" shots, but that's exactly what we wanted!  I'm so glad that you likey.  Oh, and a fair warning, this post will be random with a capital R because I'm feeling a bit scattered.

Right now, Ben and I are spending the evening on the couch and watching our three (newly) regular programs:  Countdown with Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and, of course, the Daily Show.  Thanks to Ross and Susan, we are both now infatuated with Rachel's sass and Olbermann's no-holds-barred approach to politics. 

As I sit here with Ben, I realize that this is the part of the day that I feel most at peace; when we're all together, me and Ben, the dogs and cats.  My childhood friends can attest to this (yes, I'm talking to you Em, Rach and Marj), I am a TOTAL homebody.  This doesn't mean that I never leave home, I just really like to be here with the people (and animals) I love.  When I think about the stories that I've heard about people who will avoid going home for one reason or another, I feel really fortunate that home for me = peace.

I'm definitely someone who settles into a routine...I can thank my dad for that one. I'm more of a creature of habit than I care to admit.  Of course I can break away spontaneously for something fun and/or important, but I find incredible comfort in the day-to-day norms on the agenda.  Cooking dinner every night with Ben, for example, is my favorite part of the day.  Who knew that Laurina would look forward to handling a skillet and potato ricer? 

Those of you who have known me a long time will say that, until recently, I couldn't identify the difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder (actually, I just googled that the other day out of relentless curiosity, but whatever, it makes the point).  Believe it or not, I find that cooking is actually therapeutic for me ... honestly!  Admittedly, I am more of the sous chef in the kitchen (as Ben whips out the pasta-roller to roll homemade pasta ... um, Ragu anyone?).  I have to say, though, I have become quite impressed with my guacamole skills and I can manage to cook up a meal all by my lonesome if Ben is too tired to cook with me (that's a miracle). 

And speaking of miracles, we just somehow made the most incredible coconut ice cream from scratch, so good that it could actually compete with my 2nd love, Cold Stone Creamery's Cake Batter Ice Cream.  Yes, I've even considered having the Cake Batter Ice Cream custom cake as our wedding cake ... and I'm still not above it!  Or we could just forget spending all the $ on caterers and cook for you guys ourselves!  Unfortunately, me being the klutz that I am would undoubtedly get sauce on my dress or break a few plates.  Ben will tell you, this happens about 3x's a week ... he always jokingly reminds me of how much $ he has lost in goods because of my clumsiness.  That doesn't matter, though... just as long as I am not clumsy with his heart, right? 

 I love the fact that the man I am going to marry is also my best friend in the world.  It's nights like tonight that make this realization even more special, when we're just sitting here together and happy to be in each other's company.  To this day I never get sick of having him next to me and I value his advice in everything that I do.  So it's official, I'm feeling comfortable, appreciative and sappy ... did Ben slip some sort of concoction into the pesto tonight? 

Oh, and P.S:  We just bought a hammock for the garden - wooo hooo!

Mystery Solved!

Yay!  Will write more later

Why so Blue?

I am a little confused about the blue that is scattered all over the blog.  We didn't make this change and we're not too happy with it.  Does anyone know how or why this could have happened or how to fix it?

October 15, 2008

The Whole Shebang

The rest of the engagement photos are here! They have posted 300 to their site, below are their instructions on accessing all of the photos: To see the 300+ images (a record number for an engagement session for us!) go to our website www.bellophoto.com to the Client Proofs section and when you see your names under ENGAGEMENTS click the View button and your password is capecod (no space). They have also put together an amazing slide-show of various images to music. To take a look please go to: www.bellophoto.com/slideshows/engagement/coppelmanwills We're so excited about our engagement session. They are not your typical engagement shots, and that's exactly what we wanted; something a little unique, edgy and artistic. The photographers are amazing and we can't wait for them to capture all of your beautiful faces at the wedding.

October 13, 2008

Engagement Photos!


Second post today!

Our amazing photogs (Bellophoto - http://bellophoto.com/) just contacted us because they have posted a few of their fave photos from our engagement session on their blog today.  We love them and couldn't wait to share them with you!  Yay!

Pet Smart

First, Muchas Gracias for the comments. 

Random 003
Second, we've recently discovered that we are definitely those people who can talk about nothing but their kids (or in our case, animals).  The other night we were at a fiesta when someone asked us if we have any pets.  Oh goodness, the flood gates open,

"Why, yes!" 

We proceed to whip out a series of photos of all four of our animals.  Ishka's photo shoot, Pretty Pig, slinky Ojos and the ever-expanding Kita,

"Oh and this one is from the day when Ishka rolled in the dirt and ...," you get the picture.  This continued for at least 15 minutes. 

That night when we were on our way home, I looked at Ben and told him that, if how we are about our pets is any indication, we are going to be those annoying parents who don't know how to hold a conversation about anything other than little league or the first day of school.  Sometimes Ben will randomly pull out his high-tech Cannon camera to snap photos of the moobs; favorites include (but are not limited to) Ishka's mohawk and princess lea Pig.  The photo above is an example - I took this pic (clearly I'm not the photographer in the relationship) because I couldn't resist, a) the position that Iskha is in (she strikes the oddest of poses when she snoozes), and b) Kita snuggling up next to her. 

I'll admit, our house is like Dr. Dolittle - Miami, and that's mainly my fault.  I brought three animals into this relationship - all rescues.  Friends used to say that I must have "Sucker" plastered across my forehead in text that only animals can see because I just can't resist the little buggers.  I'll never forget when I first found Ishka (the Ka-bob).  My friend, Lindsey, came with to pick her up at the shelter.  I held her in my arms and said,
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"I'm just going to try this out for a few days to see how it works out."

We later proceeded to my car and placed the ka-bob in the backseat.  At this exact moment, Ishka squatted in the car to relieve herself (this is after we walked on the grounds of the shelter for 15 minutes in hopes of getting her to go).  Lindsey looked at me and said,

"You realize that you just got a dog, right?"

Yep, a sucker I am. 

Then there's the Pig.  Manic Pig, we call her.  She's a lot like my old dog, Cookie.  Pig's much more stiff, but her moments of sweetness are so special.  She's totally devoted to Ben (they have been together for 8 years) but when she's sick, she wants to be close to me.  I am convinced that it has to have something to do with a maternal instinct - she must sense that I am the female and will provide the TLC.

Pig is absolutely beautiful.  She always looks like she is wearing perma-eyeliner - just enough to give her that exotic smokey-eye look.  After the flood the other day, we concluded that if Pig were soaking wet, lost her collar and was far from home, someone would still look at her and know that she had an owner ... Ishka?  Not so much - she's the equivalent in an animal to The LIttle Match Girl, but she's so friggin' cute!   It's hard to get Pig to pose for the camera - she's not to hip to the pose-and-click, but when ya catch her at the right moment, she's stunning.  Ben took this pic a couple of years ago at his old place. 


Ishka, on the other hand, LOVES the camera.  Ben took this one at his parent's house a couple of weeks ago.  Isn't she just ridiculous?  Unfortunately you can't see the mohawk ... we'll have to post one of the 'hawk on a later date.


This one, however, is my fave.  Doesn't she look like a correspondent for Southern Accents magazine?  For the record: we did not put her in the position, she just knows how to work the camera.  This was taken b.m (before mohawk) last year.  We have an entire series of these, and each one is funnier than the last. A note on the mohawk:  it just grows naturally, we don't do anything to it - it is simply hilarious in its own right; you must see to believe.

Can you blame us for wanting to show the world our moobas?  Okay, we might be a lil' obsessive, but who cares?  We understand that the rest of the world will never be as impressed or awed by our animals as we are, but we'll keep on keepin' on. 

I just realized that I didn't post any good photos of the kitties (you just see Kita's bum in the first one), I'll try to snap some and post them some other time. 

So that's our fam - surely to be bombarded someday by little Beans and La Las.  But for now, we're cool with being the only two-legged creatures in the casa. 

October 08, 2008

A Fresh Start

The past couple of days have centered around the idea of a fresh start... some of the challenges that we have faced have reminded us of why a fresh start is exactly what we need. 

We have spent the past few days, following our return from the Cape, adjusting to some of these new and unexpected challenges: 

First, we've been dealing with quite a bit of crud from our former landlords - I won't even go into detail, but it hasn't been fun. 

Second, the flood that I posted about before proceeded to flood both our patio and both of our cars.  That was a blast.

 Third, our computer (the one with precious files, etc.) has crashed and Ben fears that it is beyond repair (ps:  It's mercury retrograde until the 15th, I blame that!).

 And lastly, our new apartment had a leak in both a closet and the guest bathroom (thank you, rain storm) ... but it will be resolved.

It clearly hasn't been a welcome-home-fest, but the truth is, we have so much to be thankful for (we just have to keep reminding ourselves every time that we get frustrated).  Yesterday was a perfect reason to be thankful and was another fresh start to celebrate.  I had the distinct honor of accompanying my friend, Stephanie, to her first haircut since before her chemotherapy (she shaved her head before treatment so that she wouldn't have to go through the process of losing her hair).  Her hair is growing in beautifully (so thick and curly, I'm jealous!) ... and, because it was such a monumental event in her life, we went the whole nine - cameras, champagne, you name it. 

Here's Stephanie before:

Apartment and stuff 029
Stephanie is a writer and was putting together a column for one of the many publications that she is involved with.  The salon, Prive, donated the haircut and have been donating $1 for every hair product bought in the salon to breast cancer research.  Stephanie went to the Salon to get the 411 on the pampering so that she could divulge the deets in her column.  She is such a talented writer (she's currently writing a memoir about her experience with breast cancer).  Her fabulous blog is listed under our fave websites as "Dishalicious."  It's always a great read with many lol's. 

So while we were there, Franck (yes, it's pronounced the same as the wedding planner on "Father of the Bride") did the deed - perfected her mane, that is.  He was asking all sorts of random questions and would just seem to wander off into oblivion at random moments (in the middle of the haircut) leaving Stephanie and I to question whether or not he would ever return.  This happened about 4 or 5 times, but in the end, he always returned and he did a fabulous job. 

Here's Stephanie during:

Apartment and stuff 034

Stephanie has such a gorgeous face, she can pull off hair at any lenth.  Franck (in the pic) was putting on the final touches before we left.  We ended the night at the apartment finishing the celebration and toasting to the first of a million more haircuts.  It was such an honor to be there!

Today we've been finishing up some final details on the new pad.  We painted one of the walls on Monday and finished up with the second tonight.  It's actually a chalkboard wall (so our friends can sign-in when they come to visit).  Ben had it at his old place and it was so much fun.  We'll test it out tomorrow night when we have some friends over for dinner. 

Apartment and stuff 036

We'll post the "after" pics of the apartment when all of the painting is done.  This is just a preview :) 

Oh ... and before I go, I have a lil' bone to pick with all you readers ;) 

So we have this little thing on typepad (the software that we use for this website) called "stats."  It counts the # of hits that the site gets a day.  Currently we have about 50 +/- visitors a day ... which means 40-50 of you are checkin' in silently.  The point of our website is to interact with our friends and family and we will be printing it out and placing it at the reception for all to see.  The print-out will include your comments ... but many of you have been silent visitors!  Please, please, please ... leave a comment.  Pretty please. (Even if you heard of this website through someone else and you don't know me or Ben, please leave a comment, we're happy that you're here!)

All you have to do is (this is for you, mom):

1.  Click that little link at the bottom of each post called "comments" and it will take you to a page with blank fields (name, message, etc.). 
2.  Type your message and any other required fields
3.  Once you hit submit, it will ask you to retype a series of letters (to make sure that you aren't spam). 
4.  Once you retype the letters and hit send, bingo - your comment is posted.  It's that easy! 

Some of you have already left comments - thank you!  If not, please say hello or somethin' so that we know you are here :)

We're feeling like we are talkin' to ourselves over here!  xoxo :)

October 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Hemley's going away 129
Or should I say Danny? 

Last night was our last night in the Cape - we just got home to Miami about 2 hours ago (and were greeted by a huge rainstorm and a nice leak in our guest bathroom).  Oh the fun of returning to reality...

Last night was Nana's birthday.  We had such a great time (and an eventful one, at that).  Nana and Papa live just outside of Boston, so we drove to pick them up and meet more family at a Middle-Eastern restaurant.  The experience was great ... up until they "forgot" to bring out the birthday cake.  Susan, being the planner that she is, called ahead of time and reminded the staff twice that we were the party of 13 who was expecting the cake.  Well ... we finished our meal and ordered hot tea and coffee.  Nana had no idea that we had a cake scheme all worked out , and after about 20 minutes of waiting, we started to get impatient.  Susan went to the back and the staff proceeded to explain that they had accidentally given the cake to another party of 13 (interesting, being that we were the only party of anything at the restaurant).  They apologized and apologized, assuring us that they were prepared with a second cake and that it was coming right out.  Susan came back to the table - another 15 minutes passed.  She went back again,

"Oh Ma'am, don't worry - it's coming out now."

Susan came back to the table - we waited another 10 minutes.  By this time, it was past Mirran's bedtime (Ben's cousin's beautiful little girl) and Nana and Papa were getting restless.  Susan rushed back to tell them to forget it.  It was just at this moment that they brought out the cake.

A Middle-Eastern band was setting up at the same time.  We were surprised to hear them begin to sing "Happy Birthday."  We were also surprised, however, to hear the song dedicated to Danny by mistake.  The entire experience was laughable.

Well...Nana blew out her candles and they took the cake back to cut it.

Hemley's going away 152

No joke - it took them about 10-12 minutes to do this.  At this point, it had been over an hour since we had finished eating dinner.  As we waited for the cut cake, a feisty waiter came by to ask us if we wanted more coffee.  One of Ben's cousins was laughing about something else and the waiter became angry and stormed away from the table muttering obscenities under his breath.  I was able to catch a couple, and Ben did too.  One of the insults that I was sure I heard was, "stupid."  I was stunned - I looked at Ben and said, "I think that waiter just called her stupid."  Almost immediately the waiter turned around and came to the table and began to accost Susan and myself (he wasn't sure who called him out on his swearing).  He put his finger in our faces and said,

 "I didn't call anybody stupid!  I work hard - I'm just trying to do my job!  You hear me?  I didn't call anybody stupid!"

Needless to say, I was shocked.  I looked at him and said, "Excuse me Sir, I don't know what you're talking about." 

He stormed away from the table and I turned around in amazement.  It was at that point that we could safely conclude that this was the worst restaurant experience that any of us had ever had. 

Word of caution, my friends:  If you're ever in Norwood, Ma - steer clear of Byblos Restaurant.  You will be accosted and you will be held accountable for an overpriced meal. 

Honestly, it makes for a great story and, up until the cake, the experience was great.  We were able to spend time with Nana and Papa (always a treat), Ben's cousins, and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike. 

Hemley's going away 138
Ross (Ben's dad) spent the night videotaping the festivities.  We were terribly disappointed, however, that he didn't capture the unbelievable turn of events at the conclusion of the meal. We could have used it as evidence and perhaps scored a gift certificate.

Nana looked radiant, as usual.  She's in great shape and she's truly a firecracker.  For me, she's been such a blessing.  Nana adopted me as if I were her own grandchild.  I have never felt anything  but loved and accepted by Nana and Papa.  They live half of the year in Delray, FL, so Ben and I make sure to spend lots of time with them.  I tell Ben all of the time how lucky he is to still have healthy and happy grandparents around him at his age.  I love Nana and Papa as if they were my grandparents now, so we're both equally spoiled with lots of hugs and kisses when we see them.

Hemley's going away 149
I caught Nana mid-dance at the restaurant (she loves to dance and, if you're lucky, she'll sing for you, too).  She kept asking me what kind of dancing to do to the music.   I tried to convince her to belly dance, but she opted to wave her hands to the music instead. 

All dancing aside, we almost got Nana big time when we picked her up to take her to the restaurant.  Earlier in the week I had purchased a whoopi cushion and Ben, Ross and Susan kept getting attacked by the unexpected poo every time they would sit down.  Ben couldn't get over the fact that I was as excited about a whoopi cushion as a 6-year old watching Barney.  I couldn't get enough of it.  I first got Susan during dinner.  Next, Ross was targeted during the "Countdown with Keith Olbermann."  We decided that Nana was the perfect final whoopi-cushion victim. 

When we got to her house, we slipped it under the sofa cushion.  Nana was in the bathroom finishing her makeup.  Unfortunately they haven't mastered the art of the whoopi yet, because you still have to make sure that the spout is sticking out (so the sound can escape). 


Well, Nana is very particular, especially when it comes to her house.  Ben was trying to block the spout with his leg as we tried to coax her into coming into the living room to sit and chat.  As soon as she walked in she asked, "What is that?"  The joke was a bust.  Of course, I blamed it all on Ross ;) 

We had such an amazing time on the Cape.  Ross and Susan were so wonderful and it is always a pleasure to spend time with them.  It's always difficult to leave.  Even the dogs are depressed.

I'm freaking out right now because we just realized that both of our cars are most likely flooded from the rain.  We seriously have over a foot of rain flooding the streets right now, just outside our door ... and just before I am about to sell my car...

Oh goodness, I might have a minor panic attack.

September 30, 2008

Lighting Up the Room

Susan and ross dance 001
Bearing yummy red wine and paper cups while donning our Jill's-wedding wardrobe for the third time this trip, Ben and I ventured to the Cape Cod Ballroom to support Ross and Susan in their cha-cha performance.  They were nothing short of phenomenal. 

I took this snapshot of Susan as she was walking out of the door - yes, the fabulous frock on the left is her snazzy performance dress.  They were nervous for most of the day, but came out with a bang and knocked 'em dead.  It was such a delight to be able to support them.  My favorite part of the night was seeing the pure look of joy on Susan's face while she was dancing.  It's obvious that she's having the time of her life; that is, after all, what dancing is all about. 

Susan and ross dance 002

I snapped this one right before they walked out to take their places ... I just love the flower in Susan's hair.  Ross was equally dapper in his Spanish-style shirt and hip sash.  They will celebrate 38 years of marriage on Saturday.  Thirty-eight years!  What a beautiful thing.  They were high-school sweethearts and have been a true example of what it means to be a team in a marriage.  Dancing has been an additional outlet for them to express themselves and grow together.  I love that they are always willing to try new things.  I am sure that these new adventures are one of the many things that keep their relationship exciting.  I really look up to them as a model of strength and perseverance in a relationship. 

Susan and ross dance 008
I know the quality of this pic is poor, but it totally captures the dance.  They were so swift and precise in their movement, even my brand-new digie couldn't keep up!  They were a hit - continual applause throughout the performance capped with a big ol' standing-O. 

Susan and ross dance 011

As you can see, they were all smiles following their cha-cha-cha.  Aren't they glowing? We were so proud of them!

It was also fun when I had the opportunity to dance both the Rumba and cha-cha with Steve (one of their instructors) ... I'm tempted to dust off my dancing shoes and get back into the game.  You never know, Ben and I might pull out something super-fab for our first dance.

Susan and ross dance 017
And now, totally, off of the subject, I have to mention how Ben and I came up with the date 7/11.  I don't know why I didn't mention it before.

One of the first meetings we had when we got here was with the museum coordinator, Steve.  The plan of action was to see the space and to decide if we were even interested.  Clearly we were interested, so naturally the next step was to discuss the dates that were available for next year and to determine (based on the other vendors we wanted to use) the date that best worked for everyone.  We had about 4 or 5 Saturdays to choose from and we weren't getting anywhere.  At this point, Susan had the brilliant idea of writing all of the dates on a piece of paper, throwing them into a hat and picking out one at random.  This is the pic of the lucky 7/11.   It's lucky for many reasons... first, it rhymes, and second, it's also the wedding anniversary of my beautiful cousin, Tami, and her husband, John.  Their first-year wedding anniversary will fall on our wedding day - we've already decided that we're going to take future anniversary trips together. 

I know that I am bouncing around tonight from one subject to another... I'm not really feeling like my best self tonight.  I think I might be catching a cold.  Yep ... chills, fever, sore throat and achy muscles, so much fun.  Around 5 p.m., I curled up on the couch and watched the award-winning 1988 version of "The Blob" on ON-DEMAND t.v. (clearly there wasn't much to choose from).  I have to admit, though, I'm always a sucker for a good scary movie now and then ... even if the special effects are hilarious.  Hopefully scary move+comfy couch+non-chicken noodle soup+Ben's hugs= a swift recovery. 

September 28, 2008

Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Para Dentro (An old Spanish Toast)

Checks 010
We finally broke out the bubbly and celebrated our progress.  This wedding is almost completely planned.  Of course, we have some minor deets along the way, but the big decisions have been made.  Our amazing progress was the perfect reason to make a toast.  Of course, a Coppelman toast usually turns into every person in the room sharing his/her feelings and excitement.  We basically kept toasting and re-toasting until the glasses were empty.

We toasted to progress, we toasted to each of our amazing and supportive parents and we said "cheers" to Ross and Susan, wishing them luck for their cha-cha performance this evening.  We're so pumped - we get to watch them shake their stuff tonight.  They practice every evening in the kitchen - usually after re-arranging the furniture so that it's conducive to the various lock steps and hip-twist chasses.  After months of practicing, they are at a point where they look comfortable in their movement ... Susan's implementing the necessary 'tude and Ross, well, you wouldn't believe those hips!

Last night we (me, ben, ross and susan) stopped by a quaint wine bar that is just up the street from the house.  It's one of our fave places on the Cape, complete with funky, local art and fabulous energy.  We sipped on two bottles of scrumptous red wine while tapping our toes to the jazzy live music.  It was a perfect Saturday night.  We had to get Ross and Susan to bed early, however, in preparation for their performance tonight.  Rest assured, I'm taking the digie (cam) to get some action-shots of the dancing queens.  Dancing with the Stars has nothing on them!